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Why Choose Barry for your Mediator?

Why Choose Barry Arbus for your mediator?

As a lawyer trained in both business litigation and the procedures and skills of ADR at the Stitt Feld Handy Group, Barry is equally capable of either means of resolution; he also knows the financial and emotional hardships of a protracted court battle, and therefore can advise both disputants about ADR in general and mediation specifically, if they are open to compromise.
As well, through his corporate negotiator experience representing both buyers and sellers, Barry has gained the ability to see the needs and concerns of both sides, a key skillset for mediating an unbiased, equitable settlement.

Barry has successfully mediated for clients in the automotive, entertainment, hospitality, food, communications, commodities and agricultural fields. At all times, as mediator, Barry will keep the disputants focused on their goal rather than seeking redress, giving the disputants an opportunity to leave the mediation process feeling satisfied, and in the best of circumstances, with open communication between them.


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