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Use Mediation to Help Resolve Business Conflicts

Mediation is the art of compromise. It avoids the pitfalls of litigation while offering a more benign way for disputants to resolve their divisive issues. According to the Stitt Feld Handy Group where

Barry trained in ADR techniques:

Mediation seeks to resolve conflict by cultivating co-operation and understanding. It seeks to find a solution that allows both parties to win. Above all, it seeks to protect the relationship while solving the problem.

This is especially valid for mediation: cooperation begins immediately as both parties must agree on the choice of mediator for the process to move forward. Once they have done so, the disputants present their arguments and the mediator examines their merits to arrive at a reasonable, just and fair decision.

As opposed to litigation, mediation is not a “winner take all” proposition. The mediator might find in favour of one party for certain issues while agreeing with the other party’s viewpoint for others, or possibly recommend a compromise, finding a resolution to some issues that both parties can live with. As well, there are no written records or transcripts of the mediation process.

Expedited Mediation: solution for non-corporate issues

For issues of a more civil suite nature, without corporate and contractual complexities, Barry also offers expedited mediation to resolve these private disputes. For as little as $500.00 (plus HST), whether in person or by conference call, in an hour and a half your issues can be resolved.


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