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Why choose Barry for your Arbitrator

When disputing parties agree to arbitration, or if it is contractually mandated as is sometimes the case, they must agree on the choice of arbitrator. As a disputant, you are putting a great deal of trust into the choice of person who will ultimately make decisions of significance with regards to your business. You must have faith that your chosen arbitrator will be impartial and fair; as well, an arbitrator for commercial and corporate concerns must have the knowledge and framework to comprehend the issues in order to arrive at a just resolution; Barry’s background clearly has given him a wealth of experience in all aspects of corporate law and across a wide field of commercial concerns.

Barry’s certification from the Stitt Feld Handy Group provides expertise in both types of ADR, making him an excellent choice for either mediation or arbitration; as well, he has gained extensive, in-depth experience during his career, working in both capacities for two of Toronto’s top legal organizations.


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