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When disputing parties agree to arbitration, or if it is contractually mandated as is sometimes the case, they must agree on the choice of arbitrator.
Mediation is likely a good choice if you not only want to avoid litigation, but you also don’t wish to empower an arbitrator to make binding decisions for you.


Getting to Know Barry Arbus, Q.C.

Arbitrator and Mediator

Meet Toronto lawyer Barry S. Arbus: an experienced member of two well-respected legal organizations, Barry has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and corporate law. His current focus is helping clients to resolve otherwise costly and divisive issues through the process of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) arbitration and mediation.

Fully immersed in domestic and international business law

Barry has a rich and diversified skill-set in business and corporate law, including international acquisitions and merger transactions. He has represented both purchasers and vendors in Canadian business transactions as well as International clients seeking Canadian–based operations and the reverse, Canadian-based industries seeking to expand internationally.

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